Jul 13, 2013

May & June Precipitation Records

The months of May and June saw way above normal rainfall for much of the Eastern U.S. including Eastern NY State and Western New England. Below is a table showing the June total rainfall for Albany, Glens Falls and Poughkeepsie, as well as how these totals ranked in terms of historical wetness.

In addition the combined May and June totals are also given along with how these two consecutive months ranked in terms of historical wetness for two consecutive months.

LocationJune RainfallJune RankMay+June RainfallMay/June Rank
Albany8.68”3rd Wettest15.33”Wettest on Record since 1874
Glens Falls5.69”8th Wettest9.56”11th wettest; record is 12.83” set in 1998
Poughkeepsie9.82”Wettest Ever14.03”4th wettest on record; record wettest 19.02” set in 1989

As for the upcoming week our weather for most us should be dry weather through Wednesday. In addition it looks like another spell of haze, heat and oppressive humidity., perhaps even another heat wave. The 90° plus temperatures should commence on Sunday and last through Thursday. Also by next Thursday the threat for storms and showers returns to the region as a low pressure area and associated cold front approach the area. Depending on exactly when these systems move across the area on this day will determine whether or not we have any (widespread) severe weather. Whether the storms are severe or not is yet to be determined but I feel fairly confident that the prospects for locally heavy rain on Thursday,thanks to the amount of moisture that will be "over" us.