Mar 15, 2014

4.5 Months in a row of BELOW normal Temps and counting...

The last time Albany had 5 consecutive months of BELOW normal temperatures was during the period October 2002 through February 2003. So far  through the first 14 days of March the huge BELOW normal temperature departures continue.

Here some average monthly temperatures from around the region through 14 March.


March Temps

Average March 2014

Temps thru 14th

Departure from


Albany, NY




Glens Falls, NY




Bennington, VT




Pittsfield, MA




Poughkeepsie, NY




If the month ended on the 14th, it would be Albany's SECOND COLDEST MARCH ever! Here is a link to the all time   .

Looking Ahead
Longer Range data tends to indicate a continuation of colder than normal temperatures  through the end of the month. While there will be a day or few of near or even ABOVE normal temperatures the overall outlook is for BELOW normal temps on average. Bear in mind that the average high temperature increases about 1° / every 2 days by the 31st when the normal daytime high is 51°.

The 6-10 day and 8-14 day temperature outlook from the CPC for Albany calls for more BELOW colder than normal temperatures. For the 6-10 day period 47% chance for below normal temps, 20% chance for ABOVE normal and 33% chance for near normal temperatures. For the 8-14 day period (March 23rd through 29th) the chance for BELOW normal temps is near 80% probability of occurring.

Looks like we'll still be waiting for Spring!