Oct 26, 2016

Another Accumulating snowfall for the Higher Elevations

In less than one week another snowfall accumulating snowfall is in store for the higher elevations of the #518 area. Just like last Saturday night-early Sunday morning's snow, locations AT and Above 1500 feet have the highest chance for see a moderate snow accumulation.

Near the 1500 foot location snowfall amounts will be near 2-3 inches, near 2000 feet, 3-5" of snow are likely and elevations > 3000 feet will likely see 5-7" of snow with a couple of locally higher amounts possible. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for Thursday 27 Oct 2016 for the Adirondacks and western Catskills. The snow will mix with some sleet and perhaps briefly some freezing rain before changing over to all rain by late Thursday night

Below is a  forecast animation (from the Hi-Res WRF model) showing the expected development of the rain and snow across eastern NY State and western New England.

It looks like Thursday evening's commute home will be when the "worst" of the wintry weather will occur. Be safe if you must travel!

Oct 19, 2016

Sayonara Indian Summer, at least for now.....

Some much needed rain will be heading our way. It should start by late Thursday and not taper off until early Sunday. Keep the rain gear and umbrellas handy, as the rainfall will be frequent and widespread versus intermittent and scattered and it will also be locally heavy at times, too. Even though it has been dry, locally heavy rain could lead to some flooding in areas of poor drainage, low spots and urban areas.

Also it will turn much colder, as in BELOW normal cold by late Saturday into Sunday. Rain will probably mix with if not even change to snow over the higher elevations (AOA 1,500 feet) of the northern Adirondacks. It wouldn't surprise me if there were some minor accumulations here!

It will also turn windy over the weekend, winds may gust to 40-50mph across the #518wx from late Saturday right through most of Sunday.