May 1, 2014

April Weather Summary - BELOW normal again !

Here in Albany, April was another month of BELOW normal temperatures. The monthly summary indicates a slightly below normal month on both precipitation and temperatures.
The monthly average temperature was 47.4° or 0.4° BELOW normal This is now the 6th consecutive month where the average temperature for Albany has been BELOW normal. The last time Albany recorded six straight months of below normal temperatures was during the period of September 1993 through March 1994! (The monthly summary for Albany is to the left).

The April summary for some other locations: Bennington, VT - Average monthly temperature 45.3° or - 0.2°; precipitation 2.46" or .81" BELOW normal.  Glens Falls, NY - Average monthly temp was 46.6° or 2° ABOVE normal. This above normal month for Glens Falls was the first one since October of 2013. precip was 2.82" or -.18" BELOW normal. For Pittsfield, MA the average monthly temperature was 43.7° or a half degree BELOW normal. This the 4th consecutive month of BELOW normal temperatures for this location.

May Preview for Albany: 

   30-YEAR AVERAGE FOR MAY (1981 - 2010)          
                                                     HI      LO     AVG   PRECIP   SNOW
                                                     69.4°   47.1°   58.3°   3.61"        0.1"
Albany extremes for May  WARMEST    COLDEST      WETTEST       DRIEST     MOST SNOW
                                       67.0° 1826    50.4° 1967     8.96" 1953     0.15" 1903       5.4" 1945 
The warmest temperature observed in May: 97° on the 22nd in 1911. The coldest: 26° in 1968 on the 6th. Also the highest peak wind gust ever observed in Albany occurred in May on the 31st in 1998 during a severe weather outbreak (which included a tornado at the airport when this peak wind was recorded as well as the Mechanicville F3 tornado). Yes severe weather season starts here in the Capital Region in May. Best to be ready for it now!